Rules of conduct for virtual participation at extra-ordinary general meeting


FrieslandCampina Wamco Nigeria Plc.

RC No 11330

Rules of conduct for Virtual participation at Extra-Ordinary General Meeting Of

Friday, 08 May 2020


The underlisted rules are to ensure sufficient opportunities for shareholders to ask questions or make brief comments about the subjoined resolution that is up for vote, while being respectful of the time of all meeting participants.


  1. Participation: All members are enjoined to participate via the Microsoft Teams link or toll free numbers already forwarded to shareholders and replicated below:
  2. EGM Link:
  3. Toll Free Line: 0800FRIESLAND—(0800374375263) and Conference ID-647648342#
  4. Youtube link:

Note: This EGM shall be streamed live, hence all participating shareholders would be able to view the event.


  1. Toll Free Number Participants: The Toll-Free line number available for Shareholders to dial in as their preferred means of participation is 0800374375263, Conference ID is 647648342#. Participation via the dial in option guarantees that members can only hear the event and not view same. Direct Calls for the purpose of asking questions or making comments shall not be allowed to the EGM so as to manage all virtual Channels effectively.


  1. Questions/Comments: There shall be a 10 mins window for questions and comments from shareholders during the event which shall be announced by the Chairman. All Contributions and questions from viewing shareholders shall strictly be received via Microsoft Teams Chat box or sending text messages to mobile numbers 07087726384; 08186036477.


  • Shareholders are advised to submit questions or comments in advance.
  • Questions shall be taken on a first come basis by the chairman.
  • The Chairman shall take the first question received, after which he shall alternate among in-person attendees, those who submitted questions in advance and those shareholders online who may be submitting questions in real time.

Note: Shareholders should note that all comments or contributions forwarded at the EGM other than through the designated avenues (Microsoft Teams Chat box and Text message numbers 07087726384; 08186036477) shall not be entertained.


  1. Out of order questions: All questions or comments that are not related to the proposal under discussion, are about personal concerns not shared by shareholders generally, or the use of blatantly offensive language may be ruled out of order. In addition, shareholders who have already spoken, either in-person or online shall wait until all other questioners have had a turn to speak on a given matter before asking a second question or making a comment.


  1. Voting period: Voting process shall commence at the Chairman’s prompt and last for 15 minutes after which the voting portal shall be closed. All Shareholders shall vote with their registered mobile phone numbers on record in the register of members through the designated USSD code number *8014*100#. This information has already been disseminated to all shareholders. The USSD prompt shall require the shareholders provide the following information:
  • “Dial *8014*100#; provide phone number; select account to vote with if more than one or all; Vote for or against the resolution”.
  • Shareholders are encouraged to timely respond to the prompts as the voting process is timed and would timeout if responses are delayed, thereby requiring shareholders to commence the voting process afresh.
  • Representatives of First Registrars (FCWamco’s Registrars) shall act as Independent Inspector of the votes for the purpose of observing the virtual aspects of the meeting and review the final vote reconciliation prior to certifying the final results.

Note: All votes received outside the 15 mins bracket shall not be counted. Shareholders who have sent in their votes by proxy would be unable to vote via the USSD code.


  1. Technical support line available: All shareholders requiring technical support for the purpose of participation or voting shall contact out technical support team on 09062389004 or send messages via the online technical support chat box on the Microsoft Team platform.