7 Life-saving rules

These rules are mandatory for all FrieslandCampina employees, contractors and visitors.

  1. I am safe: I do not put myself and others in danger.
  2. LOTOTO: Verify isolation before work begins and use specified life protecting equipment.
  3. Work Permit & LMRA (Last Minute Risk Assessment): All work that is not part of the normal production process is subject to a mandatory Work Permit.
  4. Internal Transport: Apply full separation of pedestrians and transportation vehicles.
  5. Working at Heights: Use a suitable fixed or mobile platform, railing or fall arrest when fall height is above 1.8 m / 6 ft. or a fall risk within 1.8 m/6 ft.
  6. Confined Spaces: Identify and highlight confined spaces that require a permit to enter.
  7. Road Safety: Everyone shall show exemplary Road Safety behavior: drive responsibly.