With Foqus Food Safety & Quality we ensure robust and failure-proof production processes

FrieslandCampina wants all its production and distribution locations to approach safety and quality in the same way, irrespective of what they produce and where in the world they are located. This approach is called Foqus Food Safety & Quality.

Foqus Food Safety & Quality is aimed at proactively preventing issues which may arise. The same quality and safety standards apply to all FrieslandCampina locations. They are based on the principles, demands and requirements of various stakeholders, e.g.: governments, clients, retail organisations and consumer organisations.

HACCP and ISO certificates

A certified food safety system is an absolute precondition for all production locations. This is why FrieslandCampina WAMCO is currently ISO 22000 certified (for Can manufacture and Evaporated milk manufacturing process); OHSAS 18001; ISO 14001 certified and is the first dairy company in Nigeria to be HACCP certified.

Regulations and standards

The methods and standards of certain production processes with which production locations must comply are outlined very precisely. This applies in particular to the production of infant and toddler nutrition. The standards are based on our own estimation of public health risks combined with national and international legislation, international standards and standards for efficient production. Where a difference exists between countries in which we produce, Foqus always adapts the most stringent demands. These then apply to all locations throughout the world.

Food safety is paramount

The most important standards relate to food safety. For instance, microbiological demands and requirements regarding the maximum permitted quantities of contaminants, heavy metals and radioactivity are all precisely laid out in Foqus. The standards also describe the criteria concerning the composition of our products. In addition to safety, the quality of a product is therefore also always the same, irrespective of the location where it is produced.

Inspection, monitoring and auditing

Inspection, monitoring and auditing are essential within Foqus Food Safety & Quality. Only by minutely and critically following production and work processes can we avoid problems. Auditing is carried out by external, independent parties, including the food and consumer product safety authorities and the certifying bodies.

Internal Foqus audits

FrieslandCampina WAMCO conducts routine internal Foqus audits. During these audits, each production location’s working methods and processes are assessed by a team of specially trained quality managers from other locations. This approach provides an important contribution to the sharing of knowledge and best practices among the locations and hence to continuous improvement.


Quality and safety are ultimately the work of people and not bureaucracy, computers or machines. We therefore invest in knowledge and training of our employees. But self-assessment is even more important. We stimulate our people to take responsibility and reflect on the consequences of their actions.