Foqus: a single approach safety and quality of the entire chain, from grass to glass

Foqus: quality and safety from grass to glass

The basis of our products- milk, contains essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, milk sugars, vitamins and minerals, which help create healthy and delicious dairy products, which are sustainably produced. Of course we take the utmost care to ensure responsible production and high-quality products. We have a single approach to guarantee the safety and quality of the entire chain, from the farm right through to distribution. We call this quality system Foqus.

Food safety, quality, good working conditions for our employees as well as fire safety are a central part of our quality system.


Transparency, inspection and monitoring

The inspection of products and processes is, of course, an essential aspect of Foqus. These inspections form an integral part of the production process. For example, we inspect the microbiological quality, hygiene and the composition of products. Not only do we have our own inspection teams, we also use external, independent institutes to perform inspections.

In-house Foqus audit teams

Our in-house Foqus audit teams play an important role in our organisation. The team members are quality managers from our locations who monitor compliance with the applicable standards and regulations of other locations all over the world.

Assuring sustainable production

FrieslandCampina aims for the lowest possible environmental burden (water, air and energy consumption). It is our ambition to realise the projected growth of its activities in a climate-neutral way.

Continuous improvement

Foqus is dynamic because learning, improving and sharing knowledge and experiences are an integral part of the system. We stimulate our staff members and our dairy farmers to continually improve by means of the ‘plan, do, check, and act’ approach. We do this by investing in training and by actively involving those concerned in sharing best practices throughout the entire organization.