The Corporate Governance principles of the Company provides for best practices to be followed by the Company in every area of its activities and the Board takes responsibility for ensuring that the Company maintains the highest standards. The Board of Directors is dedicated to ensuring that the Company’s objectives are achieved. The Company recognizes the importance of high standards of corporate governance and is committed to the cause by institutionalizing corporate governance principles as part of its corporate

The Board Structure

The Board comprises of ten (10) Directors. The guiding principles of the Company’s Corporate Governance are as follows:
• That delegation of authority by the owners to the Board and subsequently to Management
are clearly defined and agreed.
• That there is effective communication and information sharing outside of meetings.
• That actions are taken on a fully informed basis, in good faith with due diligence and
care and in the best interest of the Company and all stakeholders.
• That compliance with applicable laws and regulations and the interest of stakeholders be enhanced.
Where there is any conflict between the Company’s rules and legislation, legislation supersedes.
• That there is conformity with the Company’s overall strategy and direction


Board of Directors