Nigerian Heart Foundation Endorses Three Crowns Milk

The Board of Trustees and the Executive Council of the Nigerian Heart Foundation, have endorsed Three Crowns milk with the Heart Check Logo. This means that Three Crowns Milk is officially a heart health food in Nigeria.
This milestone comes as Three Crowns marks her 30years anniversary.

Through this partnership, Three Crowns and the Nigerian Heart Foundation will promote and support Nigerians to live healthy lives. This is significant because Three Crowns is the first dairy brand in Nigeria to be endorsed with the Nigerian Heart Foundation Heart Check logo.
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Nigerian Heart Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1992 to promote heart health, scientific research in cardiovascular health, healthy lifestyles and advocacy on heart-related issues. The Nigerian Heart Foundation (NHF) Heart Check Food Labelling Programme supports national initiatives for healthier food choices, through endorsement of the positive Heart Check logo on food products which are certified to be healthy and heart friendly.

Three Crowns is celebrating its 30th anniversary with various activities to promote active lifestyle including a digital campaign tagged ”work out with whatever,” which supports consumers to develop a daily exercise routine. In addition, the brand has created a direct coaching platform where consumers are given a tailor made exercise routine based on their work out challenges.

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