Join the #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge

Join the #TC30DaysFitnessChallenge 1

The 2019 Three Crowns Milk 30 days Fitness Challenge has commenced. This is the sixth edition of the challenge which was conceived to encourage every Nigerian, especially mothers to live a healthy lifestyle by cultivating healthy habits. The fitness initiative runs twice a year and it is a 30-day long fitness programme designed to drive home the importance of keeping fit and healthy eating habits especially for Nigerian moms so that they can have a good heart to show love to their families.

Three Crowns Milk 30 days Fitness Challenge is combines daily exciting workout routines posted on the brand’s social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and direct coaching on WhatsApp with fitness instructors for 30days. It also incorporates physical cardio-dance sessions on Saturdays that is streamed online for others to participate.

Within the duration of the activity, consumers will be encouraged to work out with whatever household material is available to them like buckets, kegs, tyres or do simple routines that do not require expert supervision to accomplish.

Taking into consideration differing thresholds for fitness exercises, this year Three Crowns has created three different levels with a tailored approach to help participants achieve their fitness goals. The fitness levels are Pro, Newbie and Wannabe. Participants in Every level will be coached differently by the fitness instructors. Those interested have been invited to register at: