Celebrating 2000 days without LTA

Celebrating 2000 days without LTA 2FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria celebrated 2000 days without LTA today, Tuesday June 5, 2018, which happens to be World Environment Day.

Managing Director, Ben Langat emphasized that the Company made this significant achievement through accountability and transparency in reporting incidents in addition to continuous learning and improvement, cross-functional collaboration, regulatory compliance and relentless commitment to safety.

Special guest of honour, Mr. Hakeem Dickson, Director General, Lagos State Safety Commission commended the company for this great achievement, stating that the company has displayed exemplary safety conduct which has led to over 5 years of zero incidents, and encouraged others to follow suit.

At FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria, safety is embedded in our culture, and employees are committed to going the extra mile to ensure a safe working environment which is incident free. For this great result we thank all employees who have made this happen through their commendable safety behaviour. Together we will continue on our journey of leading with safety.