Childhood, they say, is a period of rapid growth and development. Nutrient requirements are proportionally higher at this stage of human development than at any other time in the life cycle. The journey from age 4-6, often termed early childhood is a period of rapid skeletal and muscular development, as well as continuing brain growth.

To support this journey, FrieslandCampina WAMCO launched Peak 456, the first ‘growing up milk’ specially formulated for children in the age group of 4-6 years. This is to support optimal nutrition, healthy growth and development of the Nigerian child early in life, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle during adolescence.

Children are the future of our country and FrieslandCampina WAMCO recognizes the need to fuel their growth with key nutrients which are crucial for brain development while ensuring their nutritional needs for growth are adequately met.

Through the Peak brand, we will continue to provide premium nutrition for children’s healthy growth and development.


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Celebrating World Milk Day: It starts from the farm 5

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